Your home is a haven for you and your family. It’s an investment that becomes an extension of you, a way to express how you live and thrive. But without a way to keep up with your house’s needs, it can quickly become stressful for you (and your bank account). And it’s a slippery slope—the longer you put things off, the more things go wrong, and the worse it all gets.

When you’re planning for the future of your home, the best thing you can do is understand the reality of being a homeowner. You live here, and you are responsible for the quality of life in your home. You can always take action before the state if your home starts to feel unlivable.

If you’re one of the many new homeowners who wish to avoid this, or if you’re someone searching for a better way forward, we’ve compiled some of the most critical information about your yearly home maintenance checklist. From AC service to furnace maintenance, we’ve focused on the essentials so you can spend your time considering what’s important to you.


Why You Need a Checklist

When it comes time to write your yearly home maintenance checklist, write it with one thing in mind: mitigation. While you should handle any immediate pressing issues in your home, an ideal checklist will be all about preventing breakdowns or malfunctions.

A maintenance checklist will help keep you organized when you’re planning for any cleaning, repairs, or renovations you might want or need. Your checklist will be instrumental in your home’s upkeep and give you peace of mind throughout the year. Your home will also need certain kinds of attention at certain times of the year, as Champaign, IL, brings all four seasons to bear in full swing.

For example, air duct cleaning might take more priority before or during springtime, when pollen can become an issue if you or your loved ones suffer from allergies. It’s also good to have something like HVAC maintenance before summer to prevent your unit from breaking down when you need it most.

Having your checklist organized by season is incredibly useful, but we recommend taking care of things like a furnace tune-up or an AC service before you think you need it. After all, preventative measures are much more effective at keeping your boiler from breaking in the middle of the harsh Illinois winter.


Why AC Service Is Top of the List

We rely on our AC a lot, and because of that, we can often take the system for granted. Having your HVAC serviced is one of the single most stress-relieving tasks you can check off of your list. Some advantages of an HVAC health check-up include:

  • Better air quality in your home
  • More comfort and control over your home’s temperature and feel
  • Lower utility bills and decreased energy consumption
  • Reassurance during extreme weather
  • A longer-lasting unit that you can rely on

How well your heating and cooling system performs depends on how well it’s maintained. Call a technician to get you back on track if you’re a bit off track or haven’t had a maintenance visit yet. 


Keep Up on HVAC Maintenance

Since you will use your HVAC nearly year-round, AC maintenance can be the most critical step you need to take to stay comfortable and happy. To avoid any costly repairs, discomfort, or even dangerous situations when temperatures hit record highs and lows, we recommend you get your HVAC system checked regularly by a professional, ideally twice a year.

When exactly should you have your unit checked? The short answer is whenever, but there are different benefits to checking up during different seasons. If it’s time for your maintenance check-up, here are some things you should also get checked out, depending on the time of year.



After the cold temperatures of winter, spring is an excellent time to reset and get your home in order. When you think of your spring cleaning to-do list, make sure to establish furnace maintenance as a priority.

Spring is the perfect time to schedule one of your biannual HVAC check-up appointments, as having your system serviced early on in the year can ensure that it’ll be ready for anything the climate might throw its way.

An experienced technician should be checking your AC and furnace for any damage during this appointment and providing a thorough air duct cleaning. It’s also great to have your technician check the HVAC’s filters around this time. After all, there’s lots of dust, debris, and pollen floating around in the spring!



During those searing hot dogs days of summer in Champaign, you’re going to want to make sure your home is an oasis you can return to, not an oven that you’re going to roast in slowly.

Before summer hits, make sure you have your air conditioning system checked thoroughly. The warm season is another excellent opportunity to check in on your filters, especially if it’s been a sweltering summer or you’ve been using your HVAC a lot.

When those heat index numbers hit triple digits, you don’t want to take a gamble with your cool air. If your AC isn’t blowing cold air or refuses to turn on, call a professional to have it fixed.

It’s not just about price or convenience. It’s about safety. Let experienced professionals take care of your HVAC maintenance.



The calm before the storm for your HVAC system, fall is another excellent time to have your air conditioning checked out, as it likely just went through a lot of effort to keep you cool the past few months.

It’s also an ideal time to have your furnace and ductwork cleaned and serviced. This servicing will ensure energy efficiency, saving you money when the cold snaps start to hit. And since they can happen early on in the fall, a check-up can help get your furnace into tip-top shape. The best time to call was yesterday, and the second-best time is today!

Check your thermostats for accuracy so you know your heating unit is working as intended. Air filters should also have check-ups, as seasonal allergies can rear their ugly head again in the fall. Moisture can also build up in your HVAC unit, causing more discomfort.



Not paying attention to your furnace in winter can have dire consequences, so it’s essential to check on your filters and keep an eye on your boiler, as well. Be prepared by having your furnace tune-up taken care of before it gets too cold, but if you’re still in need in the dead of winter, contact us right away to have your heat serviced to save money and keep your family warm and cozy.

Winter (if you hadn’t guessed already) is also a fantastic time to have your air conditioner checked. Like with fall, warm temperatures can sneak up on you, especially in the Midwest town of Champaign, IL.


Get Year-Round AC Service with Castle Home Comfort

Your HVAC is one of the most critical components of your home, and you should treat it that way!

If you haven’t done maintenance on your units recently or ever, make sure to call Castle Home Comfort. We’ll have our top-notch professionals take care of your HVAC systems and get them ready for any and every season!

Your home should feel like a castle! Get in touch with us today for the best HVAC service anyone has to offer.