Furnace Repairs in Champaign, IL

When your furnace is not working, you need the repair done right at an affordable price. Castle Home Comfort Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is ready to help. We take our job seriously and provide the highest quality of work so you have peace of mind when it comes to your furnace repair. 

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t give your furnace much thought until you find no warm air coming from the vents. You may notice certain rooms warm up while others remain cold, and these are only two of several situations where you may need our help. 

We employ trained professionals to handle your furnace repairs quickly and correctly. Call (217) 352-2800 and we will send a technician out to help you in your time of need. 

For expert furnace repairs in Champaign, give Castle Home Comfort Heating, Cooling & Plumbing a call at 217-352-2800 today, or contact us online!

Furnace Repairs in Champaign

Call as soon as you discover your furnace isn’t working properly. We have technicians on call around the clock to ensure you receive prompt service. Delaying a repair increases the risk of the entire system malfunctioning. You don’t want this to happen when the temperature drops outside. 

With the help of our on-call technicians, you can resolve any issue with your furnace in a timely manner. Call us, day or night, so you can be comfortable in your home once again.

What is the Most Common Problem of Furnaces?

The most common problem seen with furnaces is a lack of maintenance. You must regularly maintain the furnace to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. During this maintenance call, the technician cleans or replaces the air filter, inspects and cleans the burners, and looks for loose and damaged parts. 

This maintenance visit allows problems to be caught early and ensures the optimal operation of the furnace. If you neglect this maintenance, your system won’t be as efficient, it won’t last as long, and you could find yourself in need of an emergency furnace repair on one of the coldest nights of the year. 

What Causes a Furnace to Go Bad?

A lack of maintenance is only one thing that can lead to the furnace malfunctioning. Air filters function to remove contaminants from the air before they make their way throughout the home. A dirty or clogged filter restricts airflow, so the furnace must work harder to heat the home. This can lead to overheating and other issues. You need to check the filter regularly to ensure adequate airflow. 

The ignition system of the furnace lights the burners and starts the heating process. When this system fails, the furnace won’t start. If it does, it may shut off with no warning. Call us, and we will determine what the problem is and how to fix it. 

If your home doesn’t warm up, you might immediately assume it is the furnace itself. However, thermostat problems may also lead to you being cold in your home. A failing thermostat can lead to short cycling of the furnace, or the home may not reach the desired temperature. Many things can lead to thermostat issues, which is why we train our technicians to handle any heating problem. 

A furnace has many working parts. When one part breaks or malfunctions, the entire system may be affected. Contact Castle Home Comfort Heating, Cooling & Plumbing and we will diagnose the problem and fix it. 

What Should I Check If My Furnace Isn’t Working? 

If your furnace isn’t working, check the air filter for clogs. When this is not the problem, move to the thermostat. See if someone changed the setting on it and whether the unit needs new batteries. 

Ensure the pilot light is lit and there is power to the unit. Finally, make certain the furnace is getting fuel. After checking these items, if the furnace still isn’t working, let us know. We’ll get someone out to find the problem and make repairs. 

Early Signs You Need a Furnace Repair

What signs should you look for that suggest you need a furnace repair? If your home has little to no heat, something is wrong with the furnace. A grinding noise coming from the unit is cause for concern. The same holds when you hear squealing, pinging, or popping sounds from the unit. If you hear a rattle from the furnace, let us know. We will determine the source of this rattle and fix it. 

Need A Furnace Repairs, Call Castle Home Comfort

Call us and find comfort in knowing your furnace repair in Champaign, IL will be completed quickly and correctly. Our technicians have the training, skills, experience and tools to do the job right. We strive to provide you with quality heating repairs at affordable prices. Never compromise quality for price. When you choose us, you never have to. 

Let us show you in person how our hard work earned us the reputation we have. Give us a call today at (217) 352-2800 to schedule your Champaign furnace repair service.

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