Furnace Replacement


Furnace Replacement in Champaign, IL

Your furnace is extremely important for the way your heating and cooling systems operate. It is also essential for your comfort. When your furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan or is developing problems with operation, it is time to consider furnace replacement in Champaign, IL.

We offer full furnace replacement services and will take care of every detail. Learning about the signs of a not working furnace is important for helping you know when to call us right away for our HVAC services. 

What Are the Signs of a Furnace Replacement?

Being able to recognize the signs you need furnace replacement is essential. The following are some of the top signs of major problems with your furnace. 

  • If you smell abnormal smells when your furnace is operating, this is a sign you may need a replacement. It is especially important to call us about any burning smells that may erupt. These smells can mean there is a risk of fire. 
  • When a furnace is difficult to start, it is likely because the unit is growing older and has experienced major wear and tear. 
  • If your energy costs are skyrocketing, it is time to take action. Often, rising energy costs stem from outdated furnaces. Replacing that old furnace will lead to savings for homeowners. 
  • When a furnace is no longer heating a home adequately, homeowners need to take action. Inadequate heat can be caused by multiple factors.
  • If your carbon monoxide detector is frequently tripping, this is a great cause for concern. Your furnace could be leaking deadly carbon monoxide into your home. 

If you have noticed any of the above signs, we urge you to contact us right away. Contact Castle Home Comfort today. Call (217) 352-2800. We will schedule your appointment right away. 

Types of Furnace Systems

You have multiple options available when it comes to replacing your old furnace system. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you select one of the following for your home. 

Natural Gas Furnaces

Many homeowners in Champaign choose natural gas furnaces because they are so economical to operate. These units can be up to 98% efficient, while older, outdated furnaces are only around 65% efficient. This is the most popular method of heating homes, with around half of all American homes having natural gas furnaces. 


You also have the option of choosing an oil furnace. These are most common in the North East, where temperatures can drop dramatically low. These units are a little less efficient than natural gas furnaces, but they cost less upfront. Natural gas furnaces can cost up to 25% more than oil furnaces. 

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are also a popular choice among homeowners. This is the most inexpensive option for homeowners, and electric furnaces can last up to ten years longer. The main drawback is that the cost of electricity is higher than natural gas. 


There is also the option of propane. This type of heating unit is used by around 10% of homes in the United States. If there is no access to gas and oil, this is the next best thing to replace old furnace. 

Which one will be best for your home? There are multiple factors to consider. Our HVAC services team will be happy to come out and talk to you about your heating needs. We will inspect your home and current system, while offering you in-depth information on the options for replacing your broken furnace. 

What Should You Consider When Replacing a Furnace?

If you have a not working furnace, you are going to need to select a new one for your home. What should you consider when choosing a new furnace?

  • Choosing the right size is critical for the comfort of your family. If the unit is too large, you will waste energy. If the unit is too small, it will work too hard to warm your home.
  • Make sure to read reviews to choose the right furnace for your home. Compare reviews for different furnaces to choose wisely. 
  • Consider the energy-efficiency level. You need the most efficient system possible to ensure your home will stay warm during the harsh winter months. 

Allow us to help you discover the best furnace for your home. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Need a Furnace Replacement in Champaign, IL? Call Castle Home Comfort Today!

Winters in Champaign, IL can be bitterly cold. When winter is raging, you need a working furnace to keep your family warm during the coldest of days. Call us at (217) 352-2800 today. 

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