Summer is here, and the heat in Farmer City, IL, is climbing. No doubt, you’re familiar with the usual seasonal circumstances—oppressive air in the home, sweltering heat, and no way to relax. Maybe your home doesn’t have an AC installation yet. Or, perhaps your cooling system is broken down and refuses to turn back on, and you’re frantically searching for “AC repair near me” on the internet.

Whatever the situation, it is getting hotter inside your home, and it is getting harder and harder to put up with it.

This time you can avoid it and come out on top. To do that, you need a ductless mini-split system for personalized comfort and superior indoor air quality. This summer, here is why you should choose a ductless mini-split installation for your next cooling system.

What Are Ductless Mini Splits?

Before we get into the enormous benefits a mini-split installation offers, we should explain what they are. Mini-splits are independent HVAC units that can be installed in multiple rooms throughout the home. Each unit is usually referred to as a “head” or “indoor unit,” and several can be tied to a single condenser installed outside.

These systems are called “ductless” because they do not require ductwork as most other heating and cooling systems do. With multiple units, you can adjust the temperature in individual rooms, providing ideal comfort levels in every space they are installed.

  • No Ductwork Necessary

The lack of ductwork is one of the biggest benefits a mini-split installation offers. Some homes have never had ductwork installed, which can be an enormous limiting factor when selecting replacement HVAC systems. Not to mention, installing ductwork can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. In some cases, existing ductwork is so damaged or unreliable that the cost-effective solution is to choose ductless AC.

If you have had an addition built for your home, there’s good chance ductwork was left out of the equation. In those situations, a ductless AC can be a lifesaver—not to mention a wallet saver.

  • Non-Invasive Installation

Ductless AC systems are relatively quick and straightforward to install. Typically, all it takes is some minor drill work. Specifically, a single head will need just one small hole drilled to the outside. Compared to window ACs or similar, ductless air conditioners leak much less, and there’s no threat to your home’s security.

You won’t need to worry about any kind of incredibly costly renovations, either. Other cooling systems might require rebuilding, demolition, and cutting into floors to properly fit the new system in the home and tie it into the existing ductwork. That’s certainly not the case with mini splits. You can avoid complex, expensive, and time-sucking renovations simply by choosing a ductless mini-split system.

  • Superior Indoor Air Quality

Every mini-split head is equipped with its own built-in filter to keep the air clean and healthy. These are high-quality filters that you can rely on throughout the year.

When you feel like it, you can remove the filter and clean it by hand, and then put it right back in to keep using it. Compared to forced air systems, a diligent homeowner will save much more money on non-reusable filters every month or so.

  • Personalized Comfort

You can have individual units installed in different rooms or different spaces throughout the home. You can adjust the temperature setting on each head individually, and it will only affect that particular room.

If your family is often struggling with finding a comfortable temperature setting on your thermostat that works for everyone, you can avoid the fighting entirely. Each person in each zone can select a distinct temperature that best suits their ideal comfort levels.

Best of all, mini-split systems typically include remote controls that you can use to adjust the temperature from a distance. Some even have app compatibility, so all you need to do is take out your smartphone or similar device, and you can control everything.

  • Incredible Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini-split systems offer the absolute best energy efficiency among cooling systems in the industry. Hands down. Mini-split systems generally have very high SEER ratings, typically above 20. That means you’ll likely be saving 40% or more on your energy bills month to month. If you do some quick math, it should be no surprise to you that a ductless mini-split system will essentially pay for itself in a handful of years.

If other people don’t always occupy your home, you can turn off units that aren’t in use, saving you even more over time. Plus, because there’s no ductwork involved, that means there’s no potential for air to leak out of those ducts. In a home with ductwork, you can expect to waste about 20-30% of the air moving through the system due to leaks in your ducts, leading to considerably higher energy bills. No energy is lost when using ductless mini splits, meaning you can save money and the environment by choosing this system.

  • Dual Functionality

A little-known fact about ductless mini splits is that they can be used for heating and cooling. While not quite as powerful a heating system as more dedicated systems like furnaces, a mini-split system can be pretty effective above certain temperature thresholds.

Similar to heat pumps, mini-split systems work by transferring heat from the outside to the inside. Because of this, mini splits aren’t generating heat. They are simply moving it around, which helps enormously with energy efficiency since no power is being spent to create that heat.

  • Indiscreet Operation

Each indoor unit is typically installed toward the outside facing wall in the uppermost corner. Mini-split units are not very large, so they aren’t eyesores and don’t draw much attention. Best of all, they are nearly silent when operating. When a mini-split system is on and running, you probably won’t even notice.

Compare that with noisy window units or even forced air systems, which can be very loud when operating.

The Best AC Installation Services in Farmer City, IL

From May to September, there are some days in Farmer City, IL, that are way too hot to deal with. You shouldn’t have to deal with those days without a reliable cooling system. Whether you’re hooked on ductless mini splits, or you’re considering other types of cooling systems, you will need an HVAC company you can trust to install your cooling system properly.

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