Have you had your old air conditioner so long that it’s starting to feel like a permanent fixture? If so, it might be something that you’re emptying all of your savings into just to keep it running. A broken AC can sometimes be repaired. But once it gets too old or too unreliable, an AC replacement might be a better idea.

If you live in Champaign, IL, getting your AC repaired or replaced as soon as possible will help you to stay comfortable throughout the summer. Here are the top 8 signs that it’s time to replace your AC.

1. Your Energy Bills Are Creeping Up

High energy bills can be the result of many different things like a bad roof, leaky windows, or a poorly ventilated attic. But one of the most common causes is an AC that is working too hard to cool off the home. If you suspect that your AC is at the root of your high utilities, it’s worth checking to see if an AC replacement could help.

2. Your House Isn’t Comfortable

Do you have your AC running all day but you still feel too hot? That probably means that your AC isn’t doing its job well anymore. You should be able to feel comfortable in your home without having to call for an AC repair every week or overtaxing your AC.

3. You Have to Call for Repairs Often

An occasional AC repair is to be expected from any system. But a system that keeps breaking down even when you have it fixed by a reliable technician is a sign of old age. The next time it breaks down, has your technician tell you if they think your system is worth replacing.

4. Your Unit Uses Freon

An AC that still uses Freon doesn’t immediately need to be replaced if it’s still working well. But it’s worth noting that Freon has been phased out and isn’t used in AC units anymore. That makes it a little harder to repair if there’s a refrigerant leak. If your AC is broken and your unit uses Freon, think about a replacement. 

5. Your AC Is Too Small

Maybe you have added on to your home and have more area that you need to cool. Or maybe your system was never big enough to begin with. If your AC has a hard time keeping up because of its size, it might be time to upgrade to something bigger. 

6. Your AC Is Old

After 10-15 years, air conditioners can start to break down more often. This might be the time to start considering a replacement before you spend a lot of money on repairs. 

7. Your AC Is Leaking Water

Sometimes an AC leak is just a sign that the drain line is clogged. Other times, it could be a sign of bigger problems. When your AC is leaking water, have a technician come out and diagnose it. You might need a replacement.

8. A Major Component Is Broken

If your AC condenser coil, evaporator coil, or compressor is broken beyond repair, it’s probably better to replace the whole system instead of replacing the part. AC condenser coils and other major components are expensive to fix once they’ve broken. 

Who to Call When Your AC Breaks Down

If you have a broken AC, there’s no need to suffer from the heat. Have our team at Castle Home Comfort come and take a look at your system. We’ll let you know if we recommend a replacement. Call our number or book online today.